“Today, Lamb Fuels is credited with pioneering the fuel recovery market in the United States and will always be known as The Original Fuel Recovery Specialists.”


Lamb Fuels, Inc. was initially established by Virginia Lamb in 1985 as a diesel fueling facility. Located in San Diego, CA, the purpose of the company was to fuel the increasing number of cargo trucks traveling across the U.S./Mexico border. In 1994, Virginia saw and leveraged an opportunity to work with nearby auto salvage facilities to handle their recovered fuel surplus. Thus, the recovered reusable fuel industry was created. Sadly, Virginia passed in 2003 and her son, Greg Lamb, took on the company’s legacy. Today, Lamb Fuels is credited with pioneering the market in the United States. Operating primarily West of the Mississippi has allowed us to purchase fuel from a variety of industries, including, but not limited to vehicle salvage, scrap metal, aviation facilities, military installations, and rail car demolition operations. Each month, we purchase hundreds of thousands of gallons of clean, usable fuel that benefits our clients, the environment, and our community. Our core commitment is to guarantee safety, reliability, satisfaction, and another revenue stream to our clients, making Lamb Fuels the first choice when selling recycled fuel.


Mission Statement

Lamb Fuels, Inc. is the nation’s original fuel company specializing in the purchasing of recyclable fuel. We achieve this with our commitment to safety, customer service, and complying with all government regulations. Our objective is to become the premier choice for all fuel recovery needs for our customers in the Auto Recycling, Scrap, Environmental and Aviation Fuel industries. Our focus is on maintaining our core values, sustainable growth, annual profitability, and diversification.


Lamb Fuels Core Values:


  • Fuel Recovery Solutions.
    • Working hard to provide solutions for our customers is what sets us apart.
  • Safety Before Anything Else.
    • No amount of fuel is worth compromising the safety of our employees, or our customers.
  • Every Voice Matters.
    • Great ideas come from anywhere. We encourage all employees to listen, and embrace criticism as another road for success.
  • Treat Everyone with Respect and Professionalism.
    • From our colleagues to customers and vendors; our actions speak directly to who we are as a company.
About Lamb Fuels - San Diego, CA